MK8 and MK7 knuckle fitment question


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I tried looking up part #s online. But cant seem to find MK8 or Clubsport S MK8 part #s. Does anyone happen to know whether the Golf Clubsport S MK7 and the Golf Clubsport S MK8 use the same aluminum knuckles/spindles? I would assume they do since aftermarket LCAs fit both the GTI MK7 and GTI MK8. And Audi TTRA LCAs fit the MK7 and MK8. As well as aluminum subframes fitting the MK7. These are the Clubsport S MK7 part #s for the right and left knuckles: 5Q0407254E and 5Q0407253E. I even tried looking up the oem knuckles that come on the GTI MK7 and MK8. But here in the US , VW dealer sites do not have most parts on their websites for the MK8s because they are too new and are considered 2022 models