Mk8 eco comfort sport mode select


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Hi I need some help, I have a new mk8 and it’s in sport mode , I sat for an hour trying for find how to change the mode and cannot find it , not much help in the handbook as page 127 points to a mode button I can’t find. Please help a guy out


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If it's a DSG and you mean the gearbox is in sport mode, then just press the stick down again and it will alternate between S and D mode.

If you are talking about the adaptive cruise control, click on the driver assist button down near the 'Clima' button, in the menu there will be sport / comfort / normal options.

If you are talking about the suspension mode, then I don't have that so can't assist you!


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I think that that the Golf Mk 7.5 had a program that you could scroll through to select Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual engine setting. This is not on the new Golf 8 as the button is missing on the collection of controls below the multi function screen which has Assist, Clima and Parking. The lower right button is blank and this is where the program would be. If you look closely at the UK online brochure, it shows 4 buttons. However why do you think it’s in Sport Mode?
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