Mk8 Golf GTI Sound problem (non HK)


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Brand new Mk8 Golf GTI purchased 22/07/22, (Not the Harmon Karman system).

1. The volume is so unacceptably low at 100% maximum volume that stereo can barely be heard over road noise. Regardless of wired, wireless, radio or apple CarPlay. This was confirmed when dealer loan vehicle, a base model 6 speaker T-Cross was far louder at 15% volume than mine at 100%. The T-cross being half the value of my 7 speaker GTI.

2. At 100% volume the rear speakers are barely audible.

3. What poor volume there is, suffers with ‘soft clipping’. And any hint of bass or audible is faded out resulting in head wrecking variable playback.

4. The wireless feature continually disconnects, 6x during my 4 hours commute. To reconnect you need to accept on your mobile, you can only do this whilst stationary. During disconnect screen goes totally black.

The dealer stated, he compared my vehicle to another MK8 Golf GTI he had which was exactly the same, no software updates are currently available and as far as he was concerned, I could not compare it to the sound of any other vehicle, it is manufacturer specifications.

To take it up with VW Australia.

Anyone else having this issue, is there a fix??


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Sounds like the head unit amp is bad. Should be replaced under warranty.