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Hello. Am new to the forum but have enjoyed reading back over the topics and wondered if anyone else has the same query as me about the Mk8 ride quality. I have a Mk8 GTD, which is about 6 weeks old now. It has the 19" Adelaide wheels but also DCC to try and offset any ride quality issues the larger wheels might provide. It does seem to me that the ride is extremely hard, even in 'Comfort' mode and every stone in the road seems to shake my bones! My previous Golf was a Mk7 GTD with the standard 18" wheels and also DCC and this was quite comfortable to keep the suspension in 'Sport' mode permanently. In all of the reviews of the GTD/GTI's I've seen/read, no mention has been made of an uncomfortable ride at all. I can't believe that the slightly larger wheels and hence lower profile tyres could be the complete reason for the harshness and would welcome any thoughts from owners of similar cars. I have slightly lowered the tyre pressures to 2.5 bar all round instead of 2.6 but this appears to have made no noticeable difference.

I'm waiting to hear back from the supplying dealer about the 1803 Software Update (thanks for the tip about this) and will ask them to check the suspension when it goes in for this. I seem to have been quite lucky softwarewise, with my only apparent bug (that I've found so far) is the heated steering wheel coming on when the ignition is switched on (despite this not being selected in the infotainment system). Like many other software problems though, this doesn't happen every time and hasn't for a couple of weeks now.

Anyway, any thoughts on the ride quality of the GTD/GTI would be most welcome - thanks in advance.


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Is it possible that the temporary shipping pucks that are fitted to the front suspension struts for transit from the factory to the dealer weren’t removed by the dealer when they PDI’d the car? If they were left in place, that would almost certainly explain the hard, crashy ride.

Not removing the shipping pucks was a common omission by dealers on early mk7 Golfs. I’ve read of one instance on this on a mk8 which really shouldn’t be happening (assuming that’s the cause of your issue) as dealers should be familiar with the removal of these pucks during PDI. If this is the cause of your problem, then be aware that leaving them in place could’ve cause damage to front suspension components that will need addressing by the dealer.

Please keep the forum updated with the cause and solution.

If you do a Google search on ‘mk7 golf shipping pucks not removed’ you’ll find quite a lot of content on the internet in relation to this.


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Many thanks for the reply. I did email the Sales Manager a couple of days ago to ask about the Software Update and also to ask whether or not these Suspension blocks were still used as I remember they were many moons ago. He confirmed that they were still in use and has offered to take a look into the ride when the car is back with them. However, having now seen through the Google search how relatively easy it is to see if they are still present, I’ll take a look at the weekend. Fortunately, I don’t need to use the car until then and I’ve only covered 700 gentle miles to date, most of which have been Motorway/Dual Carriageway. I’ll provide a further update after my investigations. Thanks again.


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Hello again. Having Googled about the shipping pucks, I found some pictures showing what they actually look like and the fact that you only have to jack up the car to investigate without having to remove the wheel. So, having done that it appears that the dealer did actually remove the pucks as part of the PDI. I’ve attached a photo showing the shock absorber clearly visible underneath the stretchy cover. I’m assuming that the grey/black part is all part of the suspension as it doesn’t move at all. My next step is to book it back into the dealership for investigation and their confirmation that everything is correct. In the meantime, any other suggestions would be most welcome.


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