Mk8 GTE Tune


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I’ve been looking at websites but see mostly Mk7 GTE tune, bringing up from 204 to 280ish bhp.

Mk8 bhp starts at 242.
Does anyone know of a tuning company that does Mk8 GTE tune? And if so any links to any website?

Thks in advance


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There are only piggyback tunes atm since ecu is new and still locked, around summer they will release ecu remaps.
Im new to VW's. And the funny thing is Ive wanted a Golf since I was 19 back in 1994. I fell in love with 1994 Golf R32 in Ginster Yellow. But somehow it just never worked out. Either because the lease prices were too high as well as insurance. Or something the cars werent in stock when my other leases were up, or something else happened. Between 1994 and 2004 I leased Honda Accords with leather and manuals in coupes and sedans. And a 2 door for explorer sport. Then from 2005 until Dec 2021 Ive had 3 BMWs ranging from a 6spd 328xi awd drive sedan to a 335xi awd coupe with a 6spd then a 335i coupe with mpackage and 6spd. Then a Infiniti Q70 awd sport and back to 2 more BMW's. A 335xi awd GT with mpackage and a 435xi awd gran coupe with mpackage then to a Jaguar XE awd which was totaled December 2021. A a 90 year old school bus driver plowed through my fence and bushes. It was supposed to go back Feb 2022 but I extended the lease 6 months because car prices are ridiculous. Good riddance, I hated that car along with the Infiniti. I drove a rental until Jan 3rd which insurance paid for and picked up this 2022 GTI Autobahn with 6spd Jan 4th. Cool story how I wound up getting this GTI for $1000 above MSPR. I wrote up how I did it in another post.

Regarding what you wrote about there only being piggyback tunes. Do they work the way they did on the BMW E92s and E90s that has twin turbos when they first came out and two years later they went to single larger turbos. The piggybacks were plugged in easily so they could be removed with no issues if the car went to the dealer. The stock PSI on the twin turbos was 8.5. If you had the JB3 and V3 piggybacks would bring the turbo psi to 14 and 15 psi. You could change the amount of PSI you wanted by holding something down ( I cant remember what). Then pumping the drive pedal x amount of time. Each pump would bring you up one psi higher. So you could control whether you wanted 9.5psi to 14 and 15 psi. The 14 and 15 psi were where some guys blew their turbos. BMW began making programs to download into the ECU to see if you had one of those piggybacks. They started sending out letters that said your car needed a software update. And they had people troll bimmerpost and bimmerfest to see what forum members had these piggybacks. JB3 and V3 quickly made counter programs that they sent out to customers to download into their ECU's which would block the program installed. Then BMW would make something that countered the JB3 and V3 counter programs. It was a back and forth thing. I remember one guy blowing both his turbos. He pulled his piggyback out and went to the dealer to have them replaced under warranty. His car was red flagged a few months earlier by bmw. Apparently he was talking a lot to a forum member who worked for a company that bmw hired to troll forums looking for people like this guys. When they met up a BMW event he took a pic of the vin. When the other guy was told bmw wouldnt replace the turbos under warranty. He wasnt pissed. He just wrote on the forum something like. If you play be prepared to pay if you get caught.

Do the piggybacks for VW's work similar to the way the JB3 and V3 worked? Is there a way to make sure VW doesnt know its installed or was installed if you bring the car in for something? As for ECU remaps. Does your ECU get flashed with a different fuel map that was made on a dyno? Similar or the same as the kind of ECU flashes for motorcycles.