Mk8 Orders


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Haha yeah you will def love the Golf 8. My Polo GTI has been a brilliant car and having the power is fun. But being realistic theres not many times you get to really use it. When I test drove the 1.5 Golf (150ps) I was really surprised how punchy the car felt. With everything else you gain with the new golf id say it will more than compensate the (what feels like) small reduction in power. Plus I’m gonna get more miles in the Golf so will save a bit at the pump too
Literally speed cameras everywhere and undercover police. I was looking at a POLO gti too but insurance was sky rocket at the time as I was a first time driver. hahah. But I’m not a speeder anyway or into fast cars as much. I just look for decent power and cruise on roads. I test drove the 2 litre diesel as that was the only R line there. But I was told they were very similar apart from the sound the engine makes. I got the eTSI engine too. Hopefully it should help save fuel. Just waiting for June 2022 to arrive. Maybe it could come any time earlier. I do consider myself lucky sometimes. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m just looking forward to my heated seats , led matrix lights as it’d hard to see with halogens as I’m based in the country side. and my first automatic car, also especially the colourful ambient lights. Everything about it is going be so great! What specification did you get?


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I’ve had my golf R mk8 on order since September and was told yesterday it’s at build week 21 just now
Oh dear. I suppose they did say Golf R had some of the longest lead times for tech reasons. So I guess they were almost accurate with it. I hope it comes sooner!!


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Hi all. I ordered my Golf GTE back in early June 2021 in UK. It was anticipated build `September but it kept getting delayed. So frustrating. It is supposed to be build date early January with a delivery of March 22. However the dealer is yet to confirm this and I suspect it is going to be put back again.