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Autocross Champion


Autocross Champion
A bit behind the curve with it, but just finished The Dropout. Was on my watch list for a while, and with the Elizabeth Holmes sentencing being in the news, finally dug in. Would recommend. I find the entire story fascinating.

Now on to 1899! Make it any further into it @Diggs24?


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Gonna wait til I get back from visiting the folks to watch 1899.

Just watched The Banshees of Inisherin last night. Fuckin great movie.

Been watching Andor, almost caught up to it. It is easily the best Star Wars live action series that's been made.


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Not a lot of knowledge tbh, and that's the best part -- it isn't weighed down with a shitload of easter eggs, references, etc like recent SW shows have been. It does help a bit if you've seen Rogue One, as that's where this main character was introduced. But even then, it's not strictly necessary as this series is set before the events of Rogue One.

If you remember what happened in the very first 1977 movie, i.e. Rebellion vs. Empire, that's basically all you need to know.