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Moving from NY to NC any advice?


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RIF. I did not mention Red Lights. I mean driving down the road and decide to turn into a parking lot. Come to dead stop, then inch their way off the road and into the parking lot.
My man speaks the truth. This is not something that will just annoy you on occasion; it happens constantly, and it does indeed cause collisions.

Adding insult to injury is:

1: The fact that they don't use their turn signals before they do that bullshit.

2: They don't know that going straight at a stop sign has the right of way over turning left. So, you just sit there while they get mad figuring it out, and then they peel out in anger and frustration... Before stopping and turning right somewhere, weaving all over the place because they're drunk again.

People think it's funny to be on their second or third DUI here. That's not an exaggeration.