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Have just joined the forum, before I take things further with the dealer I would like to list the errors etc that are constantly appearing on my 2021 Golf MK8 (2.0 litre Diesel - Style model + Options) Hardware: H56, Software: 1668

Error: Park Distance Control
Rear Traffic Alert is currently unavailable
Manoeuvre braking currently unavailable
Hill Start Assist is unavailable
Error: Auto Hold
Error: start/stop system
Travel Assist is currently unavailable
Front Assist is currently unavailable. Sensor Impaired
Radio/Media Sorry, this functionis curently unavailable. Please wait
Check rear RHS brake light (There was nothing wrong with it)

This was user fault - sort of. Was using demister etc without the engine running - message appeared "Battery running low - start engine" when I did that, car wouldn't turn over, had to call VW help to jump start it.

One of the worst was when the heating system locked up - heated seat on full, cabin temperature at lowest with AC and fan on full. Only option was to switch all off, then windows misted up almost instantly, so had to keep switching off and on 'till jounrney end.

Finally Auto Lights - they come on in overcast conditions, when Sun comes out they stay on and cannot switch them off manually, often stay on until car is stopped and restarted to clear as is with all the above (car has to be stopped for maybe ten minutes for system to reset.

I would welcome comments on the above.

Thanks for any help.


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Welcome to the forum. It does sound like either something drained your battery or the battery is just bad even though it is new. Have them do a" load" test on the battery.

In the future you might have better luck posting in the diesel forum.
Thank you for the reply,

Thats something the guy from VW who jump started the car said and a friend of mine who had similar problems with his Peugeot - battery may have a dodgy cell and it's not able to power all the functions especially in the morning, when most occur. I have passed on that idea to the dealer, will do so again next actual visit to sort things out once and for all - fix it or take it back!

Apologies, I will post any new stuff to the diesel forum



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Don't forget to have them do the load test. No problem posting where you did.


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Thanks again,

I will, all very disappointing, fourth attempt at buying an "Iconic Golf" finally got a good trade-in etc and all this happens :(