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Tech N9ne?



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Tech N9ne?

lol, I haven't been into his new stuff though. The dude cranks out new albums more than anyone else in the game, but I haven't liked anything new of his since about Special Effects. He was one of my intros into rap about 10 years ago.


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So a total curve ball here....:cool:

As I rebuilt/modified my speakers I've been going through my music collection to find the best recordings to test the system. Now I have stuff recorded by Blue Note Records, Columbia Legacy, Naim, Linn, & also Sheffield Lab...

The two albums (The King James Version, & Comin' From a Good Place) originally recorded in a church In Hollywood in 1976 by Harry James & His Band are still the best to test a system to faithfully reproduce the sounds of instruments a varied as a double bass, drums (incredible Les DeMerle), right up to the trumpet of HJ himself..

What makes these so special?...Sheffield Lab recorded these direct to disc, no mixing, one take only, & built the set-up themselves, some of the best & most accurate recordings out there, unfortunately I only have them on "compressed" CD.

YouTube only gives you a flavour.....;)

Harry James and Buddy Rich - Cherokee 1964 - YouTube

"Tuxedo Junction" Harry James And His Music Makers 1965 - YouTube

Harry James "Two O' Clock Jump" Oct 23, 1971 - YouTube

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Old pretty lights anyone?
Seen pretty lights 48 times... haha. Excellent selection. Gazing at the Glare is my fav on that album, but really it’s fire front to back.

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On the much darker side of edm...any Amon Tobin fans here? Still to this day the absolute best live performance I've ever seen, out of hundreds

Yeah dude next time I’m in chi to visit my grandma and cousins I’m gonna hit you up for a beer or something. We have super similar music tastes, and that’s fueled most of the friendships I’ve formed since I first flew to Denver for Pretty Lights at Red Rocks in 2012.

I am seeing Tipper at Resonance festival this September in Slippery Rock PA. He’s got 2 sets, one uptempo on the main stage and the other downtempo sunrise set at the lake. You should go if you’re into that stuff