My new dream car (obtainable-ish)

GTI Jake

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Bored between gate calls at my aviation job I stumbled across the Ultima GTR, which lead me to the current Ultima Evo (modern kit super car, LS powered).

Figured some of you guys might get a kick out of this, and with the base price coming in around $120,000USD it may actually be a possibility for someone on these forums to own (probably not me, but it’s fun to dream).

Calling it a “kit car” is actually more of a loophole, because while aside from the LS engine and Porsche trans axle it’s all one off and purpose built engineered for this application, so no donor car with a fiberglass tub on top...this is an absolute monster you can ship in and legally register (even in California).
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Wow. That's not a ton of money for a whole lot of car. Even the bottom trim LT1 model would be an absolute monster at just a few lbs. over a ton. Wow.

Looks sick from the front. Not a huge fan of the rear fascia, to be honest.


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I still just want a 911 GT3. Not enough to drain my retirement account, but enough to buy a lottery ticket every now and then. Lol.