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This is one of the questions on my midterm and im having a difficult time finding something to write about.

Think about the revolutionary change that occurred at the beginning of the 20th century, giving the rise to the dramatic shift in cultural values that we call Modernism. Keep in mind that a variety of significant technological advances and discoveries in the field of transportation, communication, science, medicine, and industry paved the way for Modernism. From the (4) major schools of visual art that surfaced in the early 20th century: fauvism, futurism, expressionism and cubism, which one is best able to visually express attributes of Modernism. Explain your choice


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can't fauvism be considered expressionism? not entirely sure what its asking. is it asking what form of art (of the four) is the best example of modernism?


From what I understand its looking for which style of art out of the 4 best expresses the idea of modernism as we know it. The essay question is very poorly worded and a lot of people had trouble understanding it.


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This makes my head hurt. Just write about how all those things ultimately produced your GTI.


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A good essay topic could be how in the future bots still digs up old threads and posts stupid links on forums. I thought we would have developed a decent spam filter by now. :sleep:
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Did somebody hit 88mph??...


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Why the mk7 forum even up on 2010? The mk6 was just released then, no? Lol
When the forum was updated they merged all the gens together for some sections like "off topic".