New "Federal" CA Auto Emissions Standards Coming Next Year?


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Has anyone here commenting lived in CA in the 80's? I remember back in the 80's we had something called a "smog alert". Those were the days when the smog was so thick that you can see it hovering over the city. We still do get days like that...but nowhere near as bad as it was in the 80's. does not cost "millions" to get CARB certification. Each test costs about 2 to 3k.


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Is it? Because CA bans intakes unless the company pays millions to buy off the CARB board, and current administration thinks CA is just the right track to take us all down. And if you think insane noise limits are not coming after or right before the "all EV" push they are doing you're in lala land. ;)

Thank you for shrugging off the government making my hobby more expensive. Let me give you my Paypal account info, feel free to send me all that extra money. LOL Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan at all of catless setups on road cars, it's completely retarded. But the second you step aside and let the government take something you don't care about, it's not long before they show up again and again and eventually they will take something you DO care about. They are perfectly capable of enforcing the law without attacking the industry, but that doesn't give them power over our lives and assumed authority in our garages.

As far as race cars......think the government is going to make NASCAR strap on cats? Indy!?!?! IMSA?!? Why do we have to do it? Nothing like coming out of a corner on a hot lap setting you're best time and BAM, clogged O2 sensor shuts you down, or PCV blows.
So mostly you're upset about what you think they might eventually do, not the current rules? Or am I misunderstanding your response? Because I don't buy the "slippery slope" argument. The EPA isn't pushing CARB rules, nor is noise within it's jurisdiction. If the best you've got to defend your position is making up stuff they might do next, you're not making a good argument.

And for the second part, yeah, I do expect them to eventually enforce rules on NASCAR, Indy, and others. Formula 1 is already headed that way.

I'm not letting the government take something I don't care about, I'm accepting that they're regulating something for our benefit. Cleaner air is important and I can still modify my car. Cars have already gotten massively more expensive because of regulation, but I don't see people crying about how much more expensive and heavy their car is because of airbags, seatbelts, ABS, stability control, and safety cells.


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Cars today are running a heck of a lot cleaner than they did back in the 70's and 80's. Imagine what our air quality would be like if emissions did not get regulated...we'd have smog so thick you'd be able to cut it with a knife.

With that said...I do feel that something like an intake needing an EO number is a bit silly. If you pass pass shouldn't matter what intake you have on there. In CA...if you have a 2k or newer car...they just plug their computer into your OBD port and do a physical inspection. Later model cars don't have to smog for eight years. In those eight years...most people will have their fun with the car and put it back to stock so they can smog...then sell the car. I won't have to smog my GTI till 2025.

You want someone to blame? Blame the truck bros doing the coal rolling. That's where the EPA started really clamping down from.
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