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So why is the whole world suffering from rising gas prices while oil companies again record huge profits?

Your pointing a finger at the wrong shortage. Oil isn't the problem. Refined petroleum is. Would Keystone have carried refined gasoline, or raw crude?

Does having more raw material help when the shortage is of the completed product? The current issues isn't raw oil in the US or Globally. It's that globally refineries turned down what they made during the covid issue and now we globally are returning to normal consumption.
Now we're getting into the labor shortage fueled by unemployment bonuses, vaccine mandates, and an eviction moratorium.


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I liked the internet in the days before memes. Before everybody was on the internet and browsing facebook. When the internet was for nerds and nobody really used the word troll. Now facebook memes as facts is makin everybody retarded.


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I dunno, I do like memes. Well, I do like pre-boomered up memes. The shit my mom sends me is either garbage or simply not funny. Always racist af.


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Haven't thought about mIRC in a looooong time...


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Internet 1.0 were the days.....

Anyone else remember spending staying up to 2am on school nights because of this?
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And i would definetely not long distance dial in to get 44kbps instead of the 14.4 i get rurally.
Expensive mistake all to download 3 playboy pics overnight.


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Internet at school?....

Nope....not around then (mid/late 80's)......

However, we did have dot matrix printers & 5.1/4 inch floppy drives, & colour screens!

& then in the early 90's when at collage & university we had passive digitizer tablets & pucks for AutoCAD & plotters which held pens!!......well cool!.... :cool:

Mind you I remember playing Pacman in 1980 on a friends table console!! cool!..& very expensive now!!..& expensive then & yes they had money!