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What is the fastest and easiest ways to resize a pic or post a pic?

I have to try 5 or 6 times with my photo program to get a size that is postable.

IS there a way to automatically have a photo resized for this forum?



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1. Browse and click the photo you want to upload.

2. Resize to 15" screen (800x600).

3. Click upload and copy and paste the second yellow box down. (IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards) into the forum than click post.



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You can tell it what size you want the pics to be when you upload them. You can also have it generate links to your pics for various sizes without you actually having to resize anything yourself.


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Use imgur.. Tired of seeing all the old posts with invalid/expired pics, especially when they are in photo threads and DIYs!!


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imgur is probably the most resilient image hosting site today, and it is most likely to remain the most resilient image hosting site tomorrow.

Imgur will not delete pics unless the account owner chooses to delete pics. But don't delete pics if you posted them to the forum, again - deleted pics in threads is super annoying.

edit: I think imgur might delete pics if they haven't been viewed in 6 months, but I can't confirm