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Read This if you are a User that cannot Get a Confirmation E-mail or Reponse from the Admins


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Hopefully this helps someone who cannot get a confirmation e-mail or response from Admins since anyone can read posts even if not logged into the site.

I was a longtime user, but my username got merged during the site merger. I could never get back on because it kept asking for a confirmation. I tried changing to 5 different e-mails, sent a dozen messages to the admins. No response or luck. Must have clicked the resend confirmation button a thousand times.

My e-mail domain is "" Also, I never could get e-mail notifications on my old account either, but never worried about it.

So I tried everything and found out apparently this domain is pretty heavily blocked by e-mail providers. Marked as a spam site. My company work e-mail also blocks them.

So I created a gmail account and the confirmation e-mail came through right away.
Unfortunately now all my site History is gone because I created a new account, but at this point after being so frustrated for months, I am just starting over with this account.

So It was not the site per say, or my web browser, or even the admins not responding (although I have no idea if they did since I could not get any e-mails).

If you can't get on or a confirmation e-mail try a different e-mail provider like gmail.

Good Luck!