Read This if you are a User that cannot Get a Confirmation E-mail or Reponse from the Admins


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Hopefully this helps someone who cannot get a confirmation e-mail or response from Admins since anyone can read posts even if not logged into the site.

I was a longtime user, but my username got merged during the site merger. I could never get back on because it kept asking for a confirmation. I tried changing to 5 different e-mails, sent a dozen messages to the admins. No response or luck. Must have clicked the resend confirmation button a thousand times.

My e-mail domain is "" Also, I never could get e-mail notifications on my old account either, but never worried about it.

So I tried everything and found out apparently this domain is pretty heavily blocked by e-mail providers. Marked as a spam site. My company work e-mail also blocks them.

So I created a gmail account and the confirmation e-mail came through right away.
Unfortunately now all my site History is gone because I created a new account, but at this point after being so frustrated for months, I am just starting over with this account.

So It was not the site per say, or my web browser, or even the admins not responding (although I have no idea if they did since I could not get any e-mails).

If you can't get on or a confirmation e-mail try a different e-mail provider like gmail.

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If you can't get on or a confirmation e-mail try a different e-mail provider like gmail.

That's ridiculous. Why should you go through the hassle of creating a new email address just to access an internet forum? Maybe contact some of the advertisers on the forum to let them know of the problems their audience is having with the site. And while the slick new format is nice, why isn't a posters post count and location immediately visible? Don't need those cutesy monikers like Drag Racing Champion or Passed Driver's Ed.