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I wish embedded youtube videos could be made fullscreen, no idea why it would be disabled on these forums.
You can. Found it once. Don't remember how.
Thought it was <fullscreen> after the code, but that didn't work.
Will have to dig


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Why does it appear that I can no longer embed YouTube videos?

This is how I've done it in the past.


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Another issue I've been having recently...

When trying to Quote a post, I get a blank message field without the quoted post.

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Any plans to add automatic picture resizing? Most of the other forums I'm on do it and it's a nice feature.
Nothing more I love more than scrolling horizontally for 20 minutes :D

Let's try to resolve this?


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I think the forum would benefit from a Like or Rep point system, so that helpful posts can be rewarded. I have found many good posts which helped me a lot, but the only way I could reward them is with a thanks, and that only if the post was recent.


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I have a site question regarding the office, however so, I am trying to counter the issue, for which there is an unknown error called

error code 30180 4, I would really appreciate as I have tried all the processes that I have the knowledge of to counter the issue,