Snowflake icon?


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Whats the snowflake icon on my dash when I turnoff the car? Temperature was in the 50's.


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It may be the aircon symbol but I have been puzzling the same thing with my wife's car she got last week. If you turn the aircon off, the symbol is still there when you get in the car so it isn't that.


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I read on the Golf R forum that it’s the shortcut to the climate control screen. Have you tried tapping it when the ignition’s on? If you do, then it should load the air con screen.

From the Golf R Forum;
‘If the symbol or other air con related symbols are showing when the ignition is on and infotainment has loaded and is active, then you can access the full air con screen via them, but if it’s the air con symbol showing as the system is closing down at ignition off then I believe it’s just showing the status of air con at ignition off stage but, it will no longer function as a button once the ignition is off. The air con will be on next time you start the car.’


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I thought it indicates AC on, but after experiment it's there ON or OFF.
Perhaps it just indicates that the car has AC available. It's probably in the manual.


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In my car it is park heater function, it activates Webasto at cold weather and normal blowing at summer
Icon is different