Software Issues affecting SOS emergency calling


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Hello from the UK,

I bought a brand spanking new Golf MK 8 Style in July, and had nothing but problems with it.
1. It would regularly and randomly make a shorting out/popping sound in the speakers and display a message on the dash saying "Emergency call is activated"
2. It would show a yellow warning on the dashboard saying "Error: Emergency call. Please visit the workshop". This would disappear once you parked the car and returned to it.
3. Several messages relating to an issue with the 12v battery system, including the battery dying totally once resulting in it having to be jump started by the AA.
4. Several warnings related to the driver assistance features being "unavailable".
5. The main dashboard occasionally not showing the navigation prompts with a message "route guidance is not active" despite route guidance being clearly displayed on the center screen along with voice prompts.

I took it back to the workshop 3 times to get these issues looked at, each time they told me it was all fixed with a "new software update" that they had applied. Eventually I got sick of this as the issues kept happening and demanded a replacement vehicle, which Volkswagen provided.

I have had the new vehicle for one week now and it is exhibiting the exact same behaviours with the Emergency call warnings and activations. Volkswagen have asked me to return it to the workshop for them to investigate, but I'm not at all confident that they will be able to provide a solution other than claim that they've done a software update.

I have read the news articles saying that the MK 8 was recalled for similar issues to this, and that they have since been resolved by a software update. I purchased my vehicle after the software update was made available and the workshop have told me that these were most definitely applied...

Has anyone else heard of other MK 8's with similar issues or am I just unlucky to have scored two lemons in a row?



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I picked up my MK8 Style last week. I'm assuming VW carried out the software update before i picked the car up.

Only driven 100 or so miles but reading through your post the only one of these I've experienced is 'Several warnings related to the driver assistance features being "unavailable".

This message appears once about 5 mins or less after commencing each journey.

I'll keep an eye out for any of the other issues you've mentioned. The MK8 has over the air updates I believe and mine has already downloaded and installed one software update this week.