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I have the Spotify App on my iPhone. Can I use it to listen to music in my car? If so how do I do it? To save embarrassment I won’t mention my preferred taste in music 😢.

Thanks in advance.


Passed Driver's Ed
Thanks for that. I did manage to find it after I started this thread. Bit complicated and rather a faff. I turned off car to practice how to work it and on turning car on again it failed to recognise my iPhone. Don’t know what that was all about?

Oh how I miss the CD player on my Mk7.

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I heard of a trick that you open the door for a few seconds and close it and it should connect to the phone.
Me and the wife have 2 iPhones and both is what bothers me: it connects to my phone and as soon as the wife comes close to the car it connects to her phone and with her being on a phone call it goes through the speaker system. I can hear her outside saying: hello anyone there , hello , is so frekkin funny... :LOL: :LOL:
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