Stains on window surround rubbers.


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Any suggestions as to how remove the stains on my window surround rubbers. I don’t know how they got there but car shampoo does not remove them. Thanks in advance.

PS. I hope you appreciate my bracers as can be seen in the reflection 🤔🙄.


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Difficult to suggest what you might be able to use without knowing what products have been used on the window rubbers previously. Some dressing products with poor durability can sometimes leave similar marks on rubber when subjected to rain, car washing etc. improper use of a pressure washer (holding the lance too close and at right angles to the rubber) can produce a similar ‘staining’.

I’m assuming the staining is not the result of improper products being used on your car as I seem to recall you saying you’re a two bucket method car washer, so you’re unlikely to entrust car washing to one of the many hand wash car washing places, or use harsh washing products yourself.

You could try a solution of water and white vinegar to give the rubbers a thorough cleaning, and then use a good quality exterior rubber dressing product - one with good durability. However, it’s unlikely to be a permanent solution and there’s a chance that any such product would need to be reapplied periodically if the staining reappears or the rubbers take on a dull appearance.

It’d be worth doing a search on ‘restoring window rubber trims’ some of the detailing websites to see what might be an effective long lasting solution.


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I have used a black cleaner called Astonish. That bought mine back easily. I just wiped the seals with a clean cloth after applying some solution to the cloth. Any black restorer should bring them back like new again!


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The rubbers just need a cleaner like I have used. The window surround on my Golf R looked liked the original post. I used a black rubber cleaner called Astonish black cleaner and it came back as good as new! Any restorer like black to black would bring the surround back like new for little cost. I sprayed the cleaner on a micro fiber cloth and wiped the window surround and it looked as good as new, no streaks!