Sunglasses for Driving


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I get the best color balance rendering with Smith Optics polarized gray Techlites or Ray Ban G-15 polarized green lenses. The polarization on the Smith's mess with info screens more than the Ray Bans, but neither completely blacks them out.


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I have the Oakley Square Wire with their polarized black iridium (mirror) lenses. I keep this on me all the time since it's mostly sunny in Southern California. I love the shape of these b/c they suit my face shape best.

Just like any polarized lens, there will be some angles that make it harder to see a digital display, like your phone or the infotainment system. As said above, it doesn't black out the infotainment screen, at least in an angle you'd probably be in when driving. You'll tend to see rainbows on digital displays, again depending on angles, and that can decrease legibility. If you have tinted windows (idk if it's just ceramic tint), you'll see some rainbows as well.

I have some cheap $15 drug store sunglasses that are also polarized, and I keep those in the sunglass holder of the car as a backup. The tint level is a bit darker than the Oakley, but otherwise, the experience of polarized lenses is the same.

I haven't tried non-polarized sunglasses while in a car yet. I think when my Oakley dies, I'll give a non-polarized pair a shot. It might just be better as we see more digital displays.

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I have Oakley Juliet's and Oakley Mad Men. You don't need to get new ones just for scratched lenses as on all Oakleys you can replace the lenses.


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Persols. Thank me later. Quality is excellent and clarity of lense is incredibly sharp


I have Oakley Juliet's and Oakley Mad Men. You don't need to get new ones just for scratched lenses as on all Oakleys you can replace the lenses.

I tried getting Revant Optics lenses, they did not fit right. I tried contacting Oakley/luxottica, for whatever reason they do not have the lenses for my glasses. They offered to replace them... for $100. I might as well spend $150-200 and get new pair and have these as my backups.


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In for info. Also looking for good driving sunglasses. Are people still using polarized lenses? Do they work well? Any negatives?

Maui Jim all the way. The polarization is especially good if the sun glosses up the road.

I leave my glasses in the car, keeps them perfectly healthy.

I also have some Smith or other entry level cycling glasses with an orange lens for gray days.

The Maui Jim glasses have pinkish tint, the lightest they make and they’re perfect for driving (to me). My wife has the gray lens, and it’s way too dark for me.

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Might not be as cool but...
The Lawn Service store nearby sells Stihl safety glasses with tinted lenses, which I have used for many years cutting grass. A couple years ago they offered them in orange and yellow lenses. I tried the orange lenses and find them very good for driving.
Being older I can see sharper and they magnify red lights and red tail lights. Head lights have an yellow cast but are brighter and I can see them farther out. They look good being a wrap around style like guys use fishing. Added benefit, in the fall they really bring out leaf color and in the spring the shades of green look like a science fiction movie.
Not as cool as Ray Bans I am sure but I like them.