Tapatalk isn't loading and New Posts Errors out


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How do you do this on ios?
This is something for the community owner to do. Us regular users can't flip the switch for ourselves.


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Ok thanks.


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Unless it's completely impossible to access a XenForo-based forum on Tapatalk, this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Why expend all that unnecessary effort when there's already a well-established app that does the job extremely well?
I can only assume that Tapatalk has a monthly fee for forum admins/owners. Although I do see that they have a free option. It’s not entirely clear.

Maybe it’s a security thing. Maybe they’d like to sell their in-house developed app. Who knows.


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Honestly, if we can't use Tapatalk, I see little point in developing an in-house app. The biggest reason to use Tapatalk was quick and easy access to the rest of your forums, all in one app. I'm sure other members utilized the notifications, but I found them annoying and favored simple email notifications.
But XenForo's mobile web experience is good enough that having a standalone forum app for a single forum doesn't make a ton of sense in my eyes. Hell, on mobile web, you can now embed a photo and adjust its size from within the text editor! XenForo is powerful and I think it can stand on its own as simply mobile web. I won't be ditching the forum because of this, because visiting the site on my phone with Chrome or Opera is good enough. And WORLDS better than doing so when it was still vBulletin.


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From forum admin...

As for tapatalk, it will not be used anymore. I am going to start working on our own inhouse app in another week, but it might take months to get out the door.
Awesome....... like many others have stated, I belong to several other forums. The convenience of being able to swap from forum to forum seamlessly was a huge benefit of Tapatalk. With that gone, I dont get to visit the site much at all.


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Found out a really nice thing about XenForo.

I was typing out a post on desktop when I realized the photo I wanted to attach was on my phone. So my plan was to post on desktop, then go to the thread on my phone and upload the photo as an edit. For whatever reason, I navigated to the thread on my phone before posting, and bam, my untyped post from desktop was sitting in the text editor on my phone. That's slick, I'm a fan of that.