The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread


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More to it than that but I'm happy.

Actually placed an order with rcplanet on Wednesday. Everything showed in stock but as of today there were no updates. I was really hoping to make this a weekend project as it's a long one for me.

Started looking around for rc shops today. Called a few and ended talking to a guy for a while. They support everything but as for cars they're traxxas exclusive. He had some recommendations for me but said he was out of cars and chargers right now.

When I mentioned that I wanted to build from scratch he said he had the one kit in inventory, the stampede 4x4. No chargers though. Told him I'd be there in an hour and would figure out the charger later.

Called rcplanet to cancel my order. Was told it was held up over some AA batteries. Whatever, would've snagged them elsewhere if your site was up to date. Order canceled.

When I arrived on site he had the kit ready. Told me while his normal charger inventory is gone, he had one left but it's a dual version, costs more. At this point I don't care and want to rip up some grass this weekend. He's almost apologizing for offering it as an option.

Long version short:
Bought the stampede 4x4 kit
Got a couple of 3000 mah batteries
Charger is working away.
Kit is almost built, basically need to attach the front and rear to the chassis and we're good.
Body is going to look fugly because idgaf.


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Yea body painting is not the easiest thing to do. Basic single color for basher ok, or plain white practice body on race car.


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Congrats! I think you'll have a ton of fun with the Stampede, especially if you have a local hobby shop that supports them.


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1:10 Autocross geekery

That was with a 17.5 turn motor. Here's what my new 9.5 turn did to my poor front tires after 1 battery. It lays "11's until I run out of parking lot though. :p



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That looks like my entire last season. Coned fastest run every event.


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Anybody on here pick up a Traxxas Maxx? If so what do you think? It looks pretty sweet for the price and I’ve already got some 4S batteries on hand I could put in it.


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Turns out tire gluing is a thing. After a very short stint in the park my living room smells like CA glue.


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Turns out tire gluing is a thing. After a very short stint in the park my living room smells like CA glue.

They still using 1 and 2 piece foam inserts?


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Not sure about the insert count but the sidewalls blew off the wheels in short order today. Missed that part of the manual, lol. They're curing now and I have tomorrow off. Gonna try again :D


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I like being able to meet face to face at least once a week, but remote the rest of the time is more productive for me.


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Since quarantine I've done:
- Stratified ECU Tune
- Flat black VW emblems
- Blocked off the passenger side intake hole to the engine bay (cant remember official name)
- K&N drop in filter w/ snow guard removal
- Eibach 25 mm rear sway bar with Moog Endlinks
- Lower DogBone Mount, i have the upper it was too annoying to get in so i got pissed and stuck with just the lower
- Baun Performance FMIC

Already have
- tint
- performance package

So what should I do next? :-D

Options I can think of:

Downpipe is possibly in my future, I have both emissions and i drive the wife daily to account for though.
- If I do this I'd prob update my tune too
DSG tune - really have little interest in doing this, im fine with the shift points for the most part
Eventually tires - have to wait until i burn through these :-/

Or should I just say F'it adn go IS38 or hybrid lol


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I save about 90 minutes a day not commuting, and since I can be online earlier, and not have to worry about leaving to get the kids, I end up giving about half that time back to my employer. Factor in gas savings it's a win/win.

We're scheduled to go back on August 3rd, but while my company was pretty anti-work from home before, they are going to be much more flexible going forward, which helps, because the public school sponsored summer camp is cancelled, and I'm not keen to pay 3-4 times as much to enroll the kids elsewhere.


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I’ve worked from home 4d/wk for the last 5 years. Since this kicked off, I’ve been working at home 5d/wk. I hate people, so I was excited about it all. Then the kids came home all day, and my wife started working from home, and it sucks.

Kids are back to daycare/summer program starting Monday, thank god.