The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread


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You could afford your own personal isl....... oh shit.

Another stupid amazon question, does anybody use the or no? I had selected american institute for cancer research and they've only got 40 grand. All charities combined 183 million.
I use Smile for St Jude (we had a 12 week preemie) and they've received a little under $9M.

Nice that they recently updated the iOS app to support it.


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I actually got a market salary adjustment and a raise this year, very grateful for the company I work for. We were able to go 100% remote and everything still keeps flowing.

Still doesn't keep up with the inflation, but helps.


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Spent the day surfing on Amelia Island with my wife. Beach wasn't crowded at Ft. Clinch. Afterwards, my wife and I drove to the little downtown area and it was full of tourists not wearing masks. Picked up take out on the way home in Jacksonville at a place in a very large outdoor mall, seems the local population are wearing masks. Didn't see anyone without s mask. Good day and it seems most people in the area are being smart. Now if we could just get the tourists to stop being stupid, that would be awesome.
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