The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread


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We might permanently go remote, except a few positions. I'm most productive with 3 days remote, 2 days in office per week, though.


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The office workers at my job were supposed to be back in January...but that probably isn't going to happen.

We still have one person per table sitting in the atrium/cafe.

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I haven’t had a unscheduled day off in 2020, been on first shift the last few months which is awesome (and took 9 years plus tons of early retirements from senior mechanics to achieve as every).

My side business has been slowed to a crawl by some materials on national backorder order. Worked out to help some friends with their projects, but now those are done so I’m bored.


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I work in an office environment (75+ people) and it doesn't look like we're going back any time soon. In fact, after all of the COVID related layoffs, my dept reorganized and now I report to someone in Texas... With all my of "team mates" in other offices in Texas and Atlanta, there's literally no reason for me to ever go back to work in my office in NC. I've come to really enjoy the flexibility and WFH offers. I'm a morning person.... I'm up at 6:00 no matter what and I'm more productive in the mornings so I get all my work done from 6am to about 3pm and then I have the rest of the day to myself. When all this crap is over and the company allows, I'll be willing to travel wherever I need to go for the occasional meeting, etc.

Practicing my pitch for the VP when the time is right lol.


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I'm still working from home. Mixed feelings. I miss my co-workers and getting out of the house to just to break things up. But I sure like not spending 90 minutes a day commuting and putting the miles on my car. Instead of sitting in traffic every morning, I grab a coffee and spend an hour walking around the neighborhood. Being able to mow the front or back yard during lunch is a bonus.

Kids went back to school 4 days a week, 2 weeks ago. I was less than thrilled, but we had to commit to remote learning for the entire 2020/2021 school year, and neither me or the wife felt we could do that. 7 days in and they emailed us on Friday they have a positive Covid case :rolleyes:


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I thought that you are a PA. How do you work remotely for that?

I stopped seeing patients in 2012. I'm the acting CMIO for the AI software company the Hospital I work for bought, at least until we hire a new one.
Our longtime CMIO retired due to cancer. Lots of nurses, PA's and physicians have moved to informatics, PM, and analyst positions. The money is good and the hours are M - F, no nights, weekends or nights.
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8 months in. I'm sick of working at home. Anyone else?

I'm sick of working at home, but no more than I was sick of driving into the office every day ;)

My company is moving to a more permanant work at home/office flex schedule, once the office is actually opened up again. Work areas in the office will be un-assigned, and will need to be reserved before using them.

I just bought a standing desk for home, and working on a loan to build a permanant home office. It's the new normal for me.