The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Defense For Ghislaine Maxwell Disparages Witnesses - Omicron Is The Common Cold - Restrictions 3.0


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Lol 1911's.

Found a pic of anoteros truck
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Oh, sorry, I’m saying take guns away from @anotero specifically.

You’d think a true internet cosplay hero sheep-dog CoMe aNd tAkE iT type would have chosen a more capable weapon than a .30-30 lever gun to make his threats with. If I were trying to make a show of my dick size, err gun size, I’d have picked something a bit more combat effective. Then again, he has no clue about combat effectiveness beyond his Call of Duty profile and YouTube watch list.

But wtf I know about the subject, I’m the liberal boogie person.

Lol. I see it's all about cosplaying for you, mr. Parking lot hero.
A 30-30 is more than capable at point blank range. Plenty enough for me.


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We should settle this like gentlemen. @anotero and @Corprin can have a duel in Texas.

Mutual combat duels still allowed in Texas​
Just last month in ChiRaq-

No charges in deadly Chicago shootout due to 'mutual combat'​

"One shooter was left dead and two suspects were wounded in the shootout, which required the assistance of a SWAT team.... More than 70 shell casings were found on the street — though the amount was likely higher given it didn’t include shots fired from the other location."

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Still trying to evoke some sort of superiority with the internet tough guy routine? Just sad.


You are such a little worthless man, exemplified post upon post. Didn't you say you were out? Bahaha.


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Biden just increased the tariff from 9% to 17.9% on Canadian soft wood lumber.... Well there goes the wood prices in the US. People went insane when Trump did it but now that Biden does it, all is silent.