The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Jim Denies Performing Service On Forum Members - Pumps Them Instead


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Still think it's safe to go out maskless? 2 girls went out to a restaurant that just reopened, no mask. The restaurant forced them to share the same water cup because supplies were low 😡 now they're both testing positive for covid19.

Don't believe me? Look up 2 girls 1 cup for the full article.


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I do about 350/wk commuting. Yikes. Do you get wear&tear mileage compensation?
No I'm an independent contractor so I get paid by the delivery. All expenses are mine.
But I get the 58 cents per mile income tax deduction. That was almost a $30,000 deduction off the top last year.


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Fuck that. I’m a bar and pub kind of guy. With covid, that’s not a thing
So did I use to be. Covid is a tragedy. 500,000 lives lost in the US and countless people bankrupted and the homeless population has exploded.