Thinking about buying a used 5.0 LX

Hey there

i've always dreamed of having an 87-90's Foxbody mustang and modding it. There is one down the road from me - a 90' LX 'roller' that needs work.

Also found a nice 5.0 LX on craigslist.

Have some cash saved up. I could use it to do more mods to my 2013 GLI. but I think there is more fun and potential in the old 5.0.

Its either keep my cash and keep saving for a house, or start on a project build car.

decisions... I know the car(s) can be picked up for 2-3 grand which need work.


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If you have space for a shell, then buy it. If you don't keep saving for the house, just because the project can take longer than expected to build the whole car.
Good points. I just have the itch to build and the desire/want to do such. yah know?

Have room in garage. The SO will roll her eyes, but knows what I'm into and like and might deal with it.

May just hold off until I can secure a house and just go from there and see what is left. I suppose just looking for justification :)


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I'd rock a 5.0 Notchback, but I'd LS swap it. That way I could troll both the GM and Ford guys with it. :D


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go for a house first, they don't depreciate continously like cars do, plus you can have more room to work on it, then get the car.

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