Trade for B8.5 MT S4?


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Before getting the MK7 which I love so far, I was really set on getting a B8.5 S4 but my insurance was way too expensive because of my crap record. I got a quote on a 6spd b8.5 s4 (2014 MY) and now is going to be a couple dollars more to insure than my MK7. Supposedly the 3.0 v6 are very reliable engines and plenty of great long term reviews are available. Would you guys trade up for the older B8.5 S4 or keep the MK7 GTI? My only concern, similar to e46 m3's and e9x m3's is that the navi is going to age horribly as it already kind of looks dated.


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Drive the S4. My boss has that generation S5 in Nogaro. It's pretty, but I wouldn't call it fun. To be fair, hers doesn't have the Sport Diff, and that does make a pretty big difference.
I'm in a GTI instead of an M2 or even an R because I prefer lighter cars. But that's my reason, drive both and pick which you prefer. If you can run CarPlay or Android Auto, who cares what the factory nav looks like?