Travel assist not positioning car in centre of lane


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I don't know if anyone out there has this happening to their Golf 8, but I find when using travel assist mine always has a tendency to position the car slightly to the right of centre on the motorway , particularly on the outside overtaking lane which has a solid right white line. I am sure if I had it checked by VW it would show as a no fault on the software or camera system. Any experience or views on this would be appreciated. I had a Golf 7.5 which had the same tendency which makes me think it is inherent, I am doubting it can be adjusted?, thanks
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If you change the display to the one that shows the car and the vehicle ahead steer the car until it's shown in the middle of the lines it then keeps this line.
Always signal before moving the steering wheel when overtaking it should then adopt the same position when you cancel the signal and it takes over again.(assists of course).