Travel assist SOS failure all time since new software

Sergio MV

Passed Driver's Ed
what can I do? Its unsoportable….

Sergio MV

Passed Driver's Ed
Yes but that’s why I ask here, cause I can’t go always to the dealer to check the f*** software when have this “advices” in the dashboard. Maybe its “normal” I don’t know but I was in the dealer 1month ago and my Golf was uprgraded yet, I don’t understand nothing…


Go Kart Newbie
You will need a new steering wheel.
I will get it at next month if they can got it from vw before that

I think that all older golfs which have travel assist, needs a new steering wheel.
New ones get update to front assist camera.

Sergio MV

Passed Driver's Ed
I think that you don’t undersrand me at all. I have a new steering wheel yet and all the upgrades too, thats new “problem”….unbelievable
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