Ukraine - Must be Hard Being a Russian General


Autocross Champion
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Autocross Champion you have invaded are carrying out a special operation in a neighbouring country & you have fought a bloody battle to take control of a town. You decide to make base at what was the Hospital...what do you do??

Military training tells you to secure the perimeter, preferably so that if the "enemy" try's to come in there boobytraps waiting for them....

So set up loads of grenades wired up with trip wires....good...very good......

Ok so now a random Goat starts walking towards the trip wires what do you do??.....Like WTF? this isn't in the training manual??..PANIC!!!!!

This has been reported in many newspapers over here & if 100% true its fecking hilarious!!..... :ROFLMAO:

'Goat of Kyiv' triggers Russian boobytrap and injures 40 soldiers (

At least 40 Russian soldiers have been injured after a Ukrainian goat set off a boobytrap they were laying around a hospital in Zaporizhzhia with its “chaotic movements”.

The troops were setting up a tripwire when an escaped goat from a farm in the village of Kinski Rozdory triggered it.

They had pinned grenades around the edge of a local hospital and placed the trap as a “circular defence”, Ukraine's Chief Intelligence Directorate said.

But shortly after the trap was laid, the goat wandered towards the area, creating a chain reaction that injured dozens of troops.

“As a result of the goat’s ‘chaotic’ movements, the animal ‘disposed of’ several grenades,” the Defense Intelligence wrote.

“As a result of a chain reaction, several (Russians) sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity.”

At least 40 Russian soldiers are thought to have been injured.

As of yet, the fate of the goat is unknown.