[US] EPA Clean Air Act News


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Hey y’all
Wasn’t sure if anyone here was keeping an active eye on the bs from the EPA and what I have found to be an overreach on their duties as an enforcement office for the government body. From what I know and have read it’s the EPAs duty to enforce the laws and as they are allowed to create laws to enforce the ones created by the House, it is not the EPAs duty to interpret or reinterpret the laws or acts already put in place and it is up to the House to do the interpreting. Seeing as there was no news from or about the House reinterpreting the Clean Air Act that is in fact very old but still relative to the allowing the American citizens the freedom to express ourselves thru the art form that is modifying our beloved 4 wheeled friends. I for one sit on a strange position as I do believe that the coal rolling is in fact a horrible trend that shouldn’t be allowed as it tends to do more harm to everyone around that vehicle and doing such isn’t necessarily good for the vehicle itself either. On the other hand I love putting on a nice high flow cat and turbo back system on my cars to make them sound amazing.... while I also don’t go crazy with the loudness myself, I won’t knock anyone that does like a little extra rumble because when done right can actually benefit the vehicle by making the engine run more efficiently and possibly actually save some mpg and perhaps save a baby bird..... maybe.

I recently went and signed up with SEMA to stand with them as they gather thousands and almost millions of our fellow car enthusiasts to rally together to negotiate and if needed then fight back against the EPA destroying thousands of jobs here in America and robbing millions dollars from the very companies we enjoy working with. Not to mention they will most likely try to cripple the nearly billion dollar industry that we come to know and love to work alongside.

if you feel obligated to join in then please go to SEMAs website and join in the rally. TO THE MODERATORS, if this isn’t allowed.... which I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be seeing as this is promoting the right of all us fellow enthusiasts to stand up against a battle that threatens our ability to be enthusiasts enthusiastically, then please go ahead and delete this.

sorry for the long rant but there’s no better emotional story than one with details. I hope you have an amazing day and your vehicle brings you many smiles per gallon.