VAG Cut the Balls Off the 2024 S3


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When was the S3 400 hp? Pretty sure it's always matched or almost matched the Golf R.


What Would Glenn Danzig Do
You report every single one of his posts simply because you don't like the guy. You'd think you'd take the hint by now that I'm not going to ban him just for that but alas, here you are telling other people to do the same.

Keep annoying me with dumb reports. It's not going to end well

You could just not open his posts you know, or add him to your ignore list.


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the board would be better without him tbh.
How so? OK it was a brain fart of a post. DIdn't insult anyone, didn't cause any harm. I've never seen The Fed be anything but respectful and nice to people here - for YEARS. Yet you're butthurt somehow. Please do explain.