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There was one that I used to see all the time. This dude was the most obnoxious driver I've ever seen on the road. Trying to race everybody. Revving into high rpms at stop lights when he's like 6 cars back. You knew he was around by the sound of the BOV going off all the time. I did race him though. It was a pretty even race in my mk6.
I went to just clean the car off from all the rain we have had this week ended up there being a 911, cts-v that was cammed, a cammed Silverado, two mk6 gti, a mk5 golf, Camaro ss and zl1, c6 vette, srt8 gran Cherokee, several bmws all just hanging out.
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Not sure what they’re admitting to or advertising


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My coworker used to have "SCHWANZ" [=dick] on his AMG C63. Told the lady at the Ohio BMV it means tail in German, and his car is so tail happy ;-)


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Years ago my dad tried getting LZMOFO, he told the DMV it stood for "lazy mother of four opossums" or some silly shit like that... it was denied 😂