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No only on the Hud and the info screen I generally just leave the dash on the dials,I was disappointed when i chose gear selection as a view and it said "D" i was expecting to see the gear numbers as the DSG shifted.

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yeah it doesnt show the gear with the Dsg.
About Google Maps and Apple maps Its funny that some people only see it on the Hud, some see it on both the Hud and dashboard and then others see nothing.
If you put the left or right display on the dashboard to navigation or destination info do you get the directions?
what Model Golf 8 do you have Wallop?
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It's a 1.5 eTSI style,I tried the google maps on the way to work this morning and as well as directions in the HUD you can get them in the middle of the right dial,Destination just gave a blank,The directions also appear in words on the top of the screen (the bit where it says take foot off accelerator) but they only appear for a number of seconds and vanish.I also noticed that when i changed the view of the whole screen the info at the top changed at one point it just had the name of the next street that i had yet to reach displayed and when i reached it the next streets name appeared,This did not vanish like the directions.Maybe i should try turning off the HUD and see if that affects anything?