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VMR Wheels | Brilliant Black Audi A5 on 20” Hyper Silver V710's


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Brilliant Black Audi A5 Quattro on 20” Hyper Silver V710’s

Unlike most of us who can’t stop the mod-bug, Peter Luk was looking for a simple bolt-on fitment for his 2010 Audi A5. Tired of the OEM 18” wheels, he looked for a few simple modifications that would dramatically change the appearance of his car. He opted for a carbon fiber front lip, 20” Hyper Silver V710s and to showcase the wheels, a set of H&R coilovers. Simplicity as its best!

High Resolution and Desktop Backgrounds

Wheels & Tires:
20x9 +35 V710’s in Hyper Silver
Continental Extreme Contact DWS 265/30/20