VW Golf 8 R-line 1.5 eTSI 150hp Alarm activation, maps + sport look on AID and much more

Massimo 2323

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Here is a list of what coding can be done by Vag Italy:

- Standard anti-theft activation

- Beep when locking the car to find it in the parking area

- Lock the car with the remote control while the car is still on

- Add setting in the menu to choose when to close the mirrors

- Lane assist last setting memorized

- Automatic high beam last setting memorized

- Daytime running lights menu for privacy

- Map view on the dashboard

- Display additional info such as Turbo pressure, Power, Torque, G-Force

- GTI dashboard display (Central sport tachometer)

- Golf R dashboard display (horizontal Lamborghini style tachometer)

- Offroad dashboard display

- Display of the quantity of liters when topping up

- Display the laptimer on the dashboard

- Custom logos on the dashboard (GTI, GTD, R, etc with honeycomb)

- Start/Stop engine button with heartbeat pulse illumination effect

- For those who have the keyless with door handle sensors it is now possible to open all the windows when touching the handle (It is only possible to close all windows).


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This is great, but is it possible for doing this remotely? Like im in Athens Greece, and right now i dont know someone here capable of such coding.