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Walking Dead


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We were talking about it at work and came to the conclusion that merle is out to kill Daryl. Discuss.
Welp, the internets are already plotting to boycott AMC if they kill Daryl :biggrin:

I think he will kill Rick, or at least try and get shafted by Carl


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What we think is gonna happen is merle is going to try to convince Daryl to move to woodberry but Daryl is to invested into the group so merle is going to try to kill him, along with Rick for the obvious reasons. That's when shit goes down hill in the prison. Also basing it off of what happenes on the books but remember the books don't have the Dixon bothers


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I didn't like today's episode. Idk why they don't play 2 episodes per week.

Not only did it Suck but as soon as the episode finished I went to pump gas and I got a CEL.


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It was a great episode imo. A conflict of interest with Andrea (the whore) and I can't wait to see the clash between both parties.


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This needs a bump for tonight. Any predictions for the remainder of the third season? Will Carl finally listen? Was Lori really zombie bait? Will Glenn get kidnapped again? What's going to become of the brothers Dixon?


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Rick is going crazy, his leadership will be questioned.
They will be attacked by the towns people, the new people they found will be forced to help.
Daryl and Meryl will also help Rick fight against the governor.

I don't think Hershel will survive the season. (But I hope he does.)


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all i hope is the ghost of Lori gets slaughtered by ghosts of zombies... wish she would've been eaten instead of dying during child birth.


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Ok so this season is again moving away from the main plot...again.

Repeat of S2 but instead of a ranch its a prison and instead of human vs zombie it is now human vs human?

I know a lot of people toss up S2 as a much needed "character development" season but seriously what is the damn point of this season then. It feels like S3 is a kill a character then introduce a new character to do character development season.


Versus matches taking up chunks of each season are necessary. If the show just went off the story's main plot, then they'd wrap this shit up in a couple seasons. Puffy Daddy said it best... "It's all about the Benjamins".

I smacked my head when they killed off Axel the other night.... seemed like they wasted the whole show building out who his character really is to the point I was thinking "alright this dude is a good addition to the main cast".

I wonder how many more "groups of survivors" they will find elsewhere in the prison, who want to join them, only to be told to f*ck off or die. Seems to be a theme now lol

David Clements

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I have all the comics and have been looking forward to the series.... I have it waiting at home but haven't watched it yet. The reviews so far sound like they took it in the right direction and although not 100% faithful to the comic the changes made should mostly work better, especially given the format.
was a good season