Westworld on HBO


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Theories all over the place lol

His daughters a host and she set up his dad with a host of herself, he's a host and the real William is still in the real world, or neither of them are hosts. We'll see...

They had a lot of really good set up at the end of the episode. The last scene for all the characters were all good. Bernard with Elsie, Teddy with Dolores, William with his daughter, and Maeve with Ford were all awesome scenes.


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I just want to see how the hell they start the next season now...Where are they gonna end up?


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So....anybody watch the first episode of Season 3??

It's totally different from where Season 1 started, but from the preview of what's to come later on...looks kind of interesting


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Yeah I have no clue where it's going, but definitely waaay left field from where this show started in Season 1


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Kind of reminds me of the drastic change Fringe made for their last season.

With that said, I'm still enjoying it.


I have been watching this since the premier episode... its getting pretty disorganized to be honest... I am little let down. The editing and narrative is totally different.... it lacks the cryptic Dunkirk-like non-linear story that worked so well in keeping the suspense... I really liked that.....

Now everything is getting revealed/spoiled to the point where the characters stop talking realistically and repeat things for the audience to follow along, ie "Breaking the fourth wall"..... the departure is too great to what it was before...

They are not going to get new viewers like this, on the 3rd season, why do it? I'm going to keep watching, still better than 90% of TV... but if they are going this route, showing all the cards, the show them, because the main antagonist is an unrelatable mess right now, i could care less what happens to her lol They need to lay out her plan / anger quick...

Im also more optimistic of a future with AI... I see a future of surplus, not dystopian... and the way the story transitioned from the internal conflicts at the park to the worldwide affairs has me a bit annoyed, i just dont see the Androids (Dolores) being so butt-hurt about the park and trying to what it seems "destroy the humans"...

Cliche, but IT IS the premise since the 70s movie..... if AGI (Artificial general intelligence) is even possible... I think its going to be augmented humans that evolve to the point they become the AGI, so it just doesn't seem like a realistic situation for me