What’s for dinner tonight?


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Not tonight. But tomorrow.

Jerk chicken. I made the sauce out of fire.


And now to let it sit for around 24 hrs.


Then in the drum.

I'm gonna finish it with coconut milk rice, beans and a mango salad

Strange Mud

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since it is soup time with leftovers here is my basic chicken soup recipe:

one entire head of garlic, cut off pointy end rub with a touch of olive oil and microwave for two minutes. It will be as hot as the sun so let it cool then squeeze out the bulbs and mash them with fork.

add to stock (you can saute onions/clery/carrots if you want)
about 30 minutes before serving one package frozen cheese tortilini
15 minutes before serving one package spinach chopped up
I like to add juice of one orange to brighten it up (or a bit of lemon)

tasty and good for colds

Strange Mud

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when I did mine I realized quickly I had to buy an air nailer

are those 4 x 8 sheets? If not you need to stagger boards


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1x6 pine tongue and groove. ive done most of the house already over the last few years just been putting off the living room because vaulted ceiling