What do you miss from your previous car?


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Though I love my new GTI it will never have the same sound that my previous car did. 2000 Celica GTS, the sound of the 2ZZ engine with a CAI and a good exhaust screaming from 6K to 8K+ RPM is a thing of beauty. There is a reason there are so many Youtube vids of guys running through the gears in their 2ZZ powered cars.


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I hear you...

My last car was a 1999 Civic SiR. B16A2 with Comptech I/H/E. Yes, that run from 6-8,000 rpm was spine tingling. Like a swarm of angry mechanical hornets screaming to get loose under the hood.

And only 2,600 lb, too. GTI feels like a tank in comparison.


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Yes my Celica was only 2500 lbs. It was fun to toss around. On the bright side I gave it to my son so if I really get nostalgic I can just tell him to bring it over so I can go for a drive:LOL:.


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I didn't care much for my 2012 Passat, but the one thing I miss is climatronic. It was the best A/C system I've ever had in a car. Our recent Nissans have also had dual-zone automatic climate control, but it's not as good. VW's was the only one I've experienced that's truly "set it and forget it."

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Rear wheel drive. My wife still has the car a 2006 325i so I can drive. It is not nearly as fun or quick as the GTI, but rear drive is a different experience.


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The hydraulic steering and oversteer. It was an STR prepped NC Miata.
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MK4 GLI 6 speed. I miss the air ride I had


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I do miss the plushness my Saab offered and still slapped some cars around. Bilstein shocks/struts w/ H&R springs.. Chipped to 270HP with res delete; upgraded brakes. Drop the seats and it swallowed cargo with ease..

I should have K04'd ...


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Nothing... I could come up with a list of the ones before that tho.


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A non leaking water pump housing.

Cargo capacity /versatility

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