What Firefox extensions are you using?


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Recently decided i'm ditching Chrome in favor of firefox over security and privacy concerns. I added a few familiar favorites of mine for extensions. Curious what others have and use, and why they use them?


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AdBlock, 1Password, PriceBlink, OneTab

Used Ghostery for awhile, but do most my browsing in private or strict mode.

Going to give ublock Origin a run, looks like its pretty popular


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I’ve been using FireFox forever and like it. Just have AdBlock and 1Password.

1Password is good, but seems maybe not as great as it used to be. Can be frustrating to use the password generator on some websites, but overall it’s worth it. It works pretty seamlessly across all my devices (iMac, iPhone, iPad and Windows laptop.


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I'm trying bitwarden for my passwords. On mobile its frustrating to have to toggle the add in, and kind of miss how chrome did it.


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Google postponed the Manifest V3 changes that would kill ad blocking on Chrome till 2024. It might be a good idea though to follow @uglybastard and preemptively swap back to FireFox, since it's going to happen eventually.