What is your occupation?

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I'm mr nosey man :)

So I'm a Business Development Manager in the education sector, based in Kent predominately & London when required :eek:

How about you wherever you are on planet earth?

Running Man

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Work for marketing business for jewelry business as well as assistant manager on kiosks that sells our merchendise and work at weekend festivals, my gti hatch space with seats down comes in handy.


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I also do a job people hate.... Fraud Investigator! I will catch you :)

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Social Worker, Fraud Investigator! You are the good guys. The pimps of this world are Footballers, drug dealers and politians, to me they all come under the same umbrella.
Me - I am a Projects Manager for a Global Packaging organisation.


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Retired now, but I was an Information Assurance Security Manager, for a well known British Telecommunications company.

I can wholeheartedly recommend retirement though [emoji1]