What's Normal? This Can't Possibly Work Well.


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As someone who has been hit by drunk driver I like the idea but then as someone who doesn’t drink and drive I don’t. Seems like it’s going to cause a lot of issues (legally and reliability wise).


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Apparently (according to the NHTSA) texting is 6 times more dangerous than DUI.

Probably just from the sheer volume of people who can't put the phone down.
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Most new cars already have similar systems in place, the only difference is that the car doesn't decrease performance when it senses you need a break. Cars monitor your swerving, where the drivers eyes are, how drowsy the driver is, etc. I've had cars beep at me before on long road trips when i'm 14 hours in and losing focus.

The law doesn't state anything specifically about the car disabling itself so it seems like it's up to the manufacturer to decide how to deal with a drunk driver. Seems like full stop disabling a car would be a particularly dangerous way to go about it, so I don't see that happening.