Which steering wheel supplied with Stlye Winter Pack

Trevor M

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Guys, be kind to me as a newcomer here please. I have just ordered a 1.5 TSI Style Estate with Winter Pack (amongst other things,) and am now wondering whether the heated steering wheel supplied as part of the Winter Pack is currently being delivered with physical buttons, or is the Haptic type. I understand VW is moving back to physical buttons, but I do not know when the change is likely to occur. My currently estimated delivery is 1st December 2023.
Thanks for any help in advance.
Trevor M

Trevor M

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Many thanks for the reply; it was just that I was after confirmation that the steering wheel supplied as part of the Winter Pack also comes with the physical buttons when fitted to a Style trim level - I guess the same would be likely if fitted to a Life model as well. If anyone who has the Winter Pack option on the Style or Life trim could please confirm I would be most grateful.
Many thanks.
Trevor M.


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The Golf Style has always comes with the physical buttons on the steering wheel.
Yes, I think it’s only the performance models (GTI, GTD, R and maybe GTE) that got the steering wheel with haptic touch pads.


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I have a R Line, it has haptic controls. I am very pleased with them, they work just fine.
I've had Golfs with conventional buttons and prefer the haptic.