Who knows about Macs


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I in have my first Mac, a 2008 mini, which up until about a year ago was still going. Eventually support was dropped, it is 32bit. I was ok with that. My 2011 Mini still runs great. My mid 2014 MacBook Pro is still running strong except for a battery replacement I had done. My wife still has her air going strong and my daughter just bought one. I have one Windows machine for VCDS and Other assorted software that works with my 3D printer. I could run a virtual box, but this was easier as I find some of the applications work better in a native environment.


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One thing about Linux users. They gonna remind you they're Linux users. Over and over and over. 😆

Mac gets more powerful the second u memorize it's key combination short cuts. The flow gets really good then

My wife has a m1 MacBook. Crazy impressive with a battery life that would make you seriously doubt the screen on time. It's got a beautiful screen. Amazing speakers, great reliable ios integration and many other features that just makes me feel like the Mac does personal computing better.

I personally have a PC I built for myself. 2700x on a taichi x370 board, 16gb ram, 1tb Mickey mouse SSD, ftw3 gtx 1080ti, CPU has an EVGA aio cooler. I used to game on it but can't anymore due to physical issues with my back and legs getting worse. I think this is gonna be the last PC for me. I am strongly considering getting the newer m1 pro MacBook for my wife and keeping her m1 for myself.

I'm just seeing so much value in a more better considered personal experience that allows me to use hardware and software that integrates at a level that truly gives my experience more value while simultaneously allowing me to multitask like a beast.

No need to retort or rebuttal, gentlemen. What works for one won't work for the rest. I get that. Hope y'all do too.

For gaming. My daughter got me the oled switch and I absolutely love it. It truly is everything I wanted the psp to be! Javwhol hooked me up with the pro controller and I'm now up like 12 or 14 games. It scratches the itch in a good way.

But yeah. If y'all can learn a few key combo commands it will absolutely improve your flow.