Will the U.S. get the TCR?


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Volkswagen of America's Senior Vice President for Product and Strategy, Hein Schafer, said recently "he was 'fighting hard to get all special editions [in the U.S. market].'"

"The Mk8 GTI will arrive earlier in European showrooms, likely later this year. If recent spy shots are to be believed, the company is already hard at work on at least one special edition of the hot hatch, the more aggressive TCR edition. The TCR should come with 296 horsepower (221 kilowatts) relative to the standard GTI’s 241 hp (180 kW), as well as a lower stance and a larger brake package. When asked about the TCR, Schafer said he was “fighting hard to get all special editions [in the U.S. market].” [Emphasis added.]

We didn't get the Mk7 TCR, and almost certainly a U.S. spec Mk8 TCR will cost more than a Golf R for a host of reasons, including the fact that the TCR will almost certainly have a unique suspension package, brakes, and interior, among other things. Nevertheless, for what it's worth, I plan to write Herr Schafer a note to encourage him to press on. 2200 Fredinand Porsche Drive, Herndon, VA 20171.
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Is this going to be any cheaper than an R though? I feel like the people who would want a FWD only R (essentially) at or near the same price may make it a very rare seller here.