Wireless android Auto


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Has anyone in UK managed to get wireless android Auto to work, I've heard this is meant to be something that works on the MK8


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No - not yet. Might be worth providing more info for others to track: car, sw version of head unit, and phone type.
So: GTI sw 1664, and a OnePlus 7T Pro.

Connection via USB works (eventually), and I can connect to the VW inbuilt hotspot but Android Auto isnt recognised, even if I start it automatically.

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I know that anyone with the 16xx software will not have wireless Android Auto while those with infotainment sw 17xx are known to work.
Anyone in the UK that has the 177x sw if they can check to see if this works.
I know AA wireless is working in other countries.


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I'm in the UK and it's working fine for me.I have software number 1788 I'm glad it does as i use Tidal to stream music and the built in VW Tidal is awful.